Application Management

With Application Management we help you keep your mission-critical applications running and running optimally. We perform corrective and adaptive maintenance. We continually document all of the maintenance activities done on an application so that recurring problems can be analyzed for root causes and permanently eliminated.

By moving these routine activities from your in-house staff to us you can redirect high-cost staff efforts to more critical activities like development. We transition your application to our responsibility in a transparent way and keep all activities visible so that the you are always in control.


  • Routine support and maintenance activities are transitioned to SVI
  • Access to a large pool of offshore resources
  • Application knowledge is thoroughly documented and kept in a central repository


  • High-performance and high-cost in-house staff are freed to do more critical tasks
  • IT Managers can expand capacity without increasing budget
  • Minimizes the effects of IT staff turnover; quicker analysis and resolution of recurring problems

Our Application Management Services include the following


Production Support

Production Abends – resolution of cases where a job abnormally ends
Incidents – resolution of production problems that are not abends, such as user-reported problems, online system problems
Job Monitoring – proactive monitoring of batch processing
Help Desk – 24×7 support for Data Center calls


Application Support

Technical Enhancements – impact assessment, analysis, design, construction, testing implementation and post-implementation of technical requirements such as system upgrades and conversions.
Preventive Maintenance – identifying, developing and implementing permanent fixes to existing/recurring problems, or preventive fixes to potential problems.
Data Center Requirements – tape cleanup, disaster recovery testing, hardware changes
Performance Tuning – efficiency measures
Documentation – documentation of key systems processes, designs, procedures.


User Support

Ad-hoc Requests – user requests not related to a problem such as new reports, data extracts.
User Enhancements/Work Requests – covers analysis, design, construction, testing implementation and post implementation of major user requirements such as new functionality, change in processing / functionality.