Collaborative and Frictionless

Over 30 years of business domain knowledge assures you a front seat
on the frictionless transformation of your business.

Collaborative and Frictionless

The SVI Difference

Our focus is to deliver quality IT and ISV services to small and medium sized enterprises, especially those businesses that have experienced challenging issues from bigger outsourcers. Businesses, no matter how small, equally deserve exceptional service from outsourcing service vendors. There are even instances when large organizations have been overwhelmed with the complexities of getting their requirements done.

We feel the pain of not having received the expected level of service from these vendors and service providers.
We strongly believe that each organization, big or small, is entitled to thrive, more so in this digital day and age.
And that’s why we’re here. We are here to help.

We are provide personal and relationship-oriented quality of service to all our clients.
Placing emphasis on trust and accountability, we deliver our best in every project.
For us, every client is our best client.

Transformative Service Delivery

To secure flexible capacity for your project’s needs, we deploy an on-site team of highly capable and dependable professionals and support it with a large pool of offshore resources. Our teams focus not just on your computer programs but also the business processes behind them. In doing so, we can suggest novel approaches to achieve the same business objectives but with higher efficiency. And when you’re ready to future-proof your application, our knowledge of your business and technology makes us your best partner in taking that step to the next level.

Most importantly, we deliver results and go beyond expectations.

Value Proposition

Successfully extending the enterprise, enhancing business relationships and sustaining a client’s competitive edge cannot be done without a flexible, scalable, and reliable infrastructure. SVI’s market leadership as a global solutions provider is based on five key components:


Broad Portfolio of Services

We offer integrated solutions from a single point of contact for outsourcing requirements.


Proven Methodologies

Our methodologies are assessed at CMM Level 5 and ISO 9001:2000, proven to deliver consistent, reliable and repeatable results.


Seamless Work Distribution and Management

Delegate the work to the people most capable of getting the job done.


Operational Efficiencies

Applying best practices in every endeavor, we are committed to a corporate culture of continuous improvement.


Flexible Engagement Models

Harness the ability to achieve your IT and business objectives – both today and tomorrow.